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How to identify the wood material
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Northeast China ash, the tree is qualitative slightly hard, coarse texture, structure, decorative pattern beauty, be able to bear or endure corrupt, better water resistance and easy processing but not easy to dry, great toughness, rubber, paint, chromatic performance is good,have good adornment performance, is currently use morer wood furniture, interior decoration.

Willow eucalyptus: its material weight is moderate, straight or oblique and staggered, texture structure is slightly thick, easy processing, good bonding performance. A slight warping and cracking phenomenon during drying.

Cypress: commonly used wood in the north of China, its quality is fine, stability, cheap. Often as elm furniture FuLiao fetal bone and Chinese lacquer furniture used in ancient furniture. This is call the cypress which is also called "populus simonii", often have the burnish like jokes, so also known as "satin Yang", is not only in this century the introduction of the Soviet union, populus tomentosa, hu Yang, etc. "SAO flavor", are common cypress wood, birch soft. Birch is slightly sweet, often have very fine brown-black water line. This is the difference of the two.

Walnut Chinese catalpa: its lumber luster, texture straight or oblique, structure is slightly thick, drying speed is slow, but not easy to warp, wood good toughness, easy processing, cutting face is smooth. Bending performance good, paint, glue, nail good adhesion.

Yellow pineapple: its lumber luster, texture is straight, coarse structure, uniform rings clear, material is qualitative soft, easy to dry, good processability, color decorative pattern is very beautiful, paint and adhesive performance good, focus on medium, not easy to split; Good corrosion resistance, is a senior furniture, veneer material.

Oak wood, the wood than major, hard, big shrinkage, high strength. Compact structure, is not easy to saw cutting, the cutting face is smooth, easy craze, warping deformation, not easy to dry. Wet resistance, wear resistance, not easy to connect, chromatic performance is good.


Decoration wood floor use morer at present.
Camphor: can the wood with aroma, anti-corrosion and insect-resistant. Material is qualitative slightly lighter, difficult deformation, easy processing, edge smooth, glossy, durable performance is good, good bonding performance. After the paint colour and lustre is beautiful.

Birch: its material slightly heavy, hard, detailed structure, mechanical strength, elastic. Drying process of warping and weather-shack, cementing performance is good, smooth cutting face. Poor corrosion resistance, good paint performance.

Birch: produce the northeast, north China wooden delicate pale yellowish white, fiber shear resistance is poor, easy "qi stubble breaking". Its roots and nodules pattern. The ancients often done its adornment such as door core. The bark of flexible beauty. Pu people have hadgreat feelings, often set with scabbard place such as a carpenter. Kimo juicy, timber after deformation, therefore, a rare all made of birch table and chairs

Fir: the material is qualitative soft, dry, narrow, not become warped crack, durable performance is good, easy to machining, coarser, the intensity of cross section is strong, easy to split, cementing performance is good, furniture, decorate with the most common is the southern provinces of mid-range wood.

Elm: beautiful decorative pattern, the structure is coarse, good processability, paint, glue, poor drying and easy cracking warp.

Ju wood: material is hard, straight texture, fine structure, wear-resisting luster dry out of shape not easily, the processing, paint, glue sex is good.

Camphorwood: jiangnan provinces in China, and fujian province is rich in Taiwan. Breadth of larger diameter, material, decorative pattern beauty, especially a strong fragrance, can make the bug away. Camphorwood boxes of famous Chinese and foreign in China, includingsuitcase, lying robes (box), such as the top ark varieties. Only a few cases of desk and chair class in Beijing. Old wood industry camphorwood in accordance with the form can be divided into several kinds, such as zhang, zhang, tiger skin red sassafras, zhang, zhang, white camphor, watercress flower pear planking camphor, etc.

Walnut: shanxi luliang, taihang mountains is rich in walnut. Walnut do furniture of excellent material for jin the wood by the water after the wax. There will be a hardwood of luster, the fine asexual, easy to sculpture, color soft grey light. Its products have, Ming and qing dynasties are mostly for the first-rate. Can be used to hide. The wood characteristics only brown eyes close like a tip with a pale yellow rings of filaments. Weight and elm, etc.

Chinese catalpa wood: folk call is not the result of walnut wood, Chinese catalpa, Chinese catalpa wood brown eyes arrangement insipid, color dark soft luster less, but its small shrinkage, is to do the door core desktop core, etc. Often used with Korea wood, walnut collocation. Chinese catalpa wood than walnut light weight, color depth, loose, brown eyes, big and dispersed.