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"zero formaldehyde" cupboard is almost impossible
Source: | Author:pmo5f9089 | Publish time: 2016-07-18 | 2442 Views | Share:
Several stages of the national minimum environmental standards, green label affixed to it? December 1 implementation of the "green sheet procurement specifications" made a clear agreement. "Norms", the green sheet products are divided into three grades: G1 level, G2 and G3 grade level. G1 level is the highest level for the production of formaldehyde-free adhesive plates, known as non-formaldehyde level; G2 level equivalent to Japanese F4 star standard, is the highest level of international environmental, called An aldehyde level; G3 level is the lowest level, the equivalent of U.S. CARB P2 standard, is currently the United States, mandatory standards, equivalent to the domestic level E0 existing maximum level of environmental protection. The market also often see some flooring, furniture brand slogan "formaldehyde-free," "zero formaldehyde" on the cover. 
The publicity has often been awarded professionals false propaganda, then this specification, the first division of the G1 level, that is, non-formaldehyde levels for these products is not propaganda Zhengming out? "Not so .G1 level panel refers formaldehyde-free glue production of sheet metal, but because of the wood itself contains trace amounts of formaldehyde, so even non-formaldehyde-class sheet metal production of flooring, cabinets, furniture and other products may still have trace the presence of formaldehyde. "insiders say, to the cabinet as an example in addition to the base plate, but also need to go through veneer, paint, edge processing, etc., in these processing, it is difficult to say does not contain formaldehyde into the ingredients, so to be completely "zero formaldehyde" almost impossible. Insiders said that the "zero formaldehyde" concept is not too tight to say, only that there is no sheet in the production process artificially added formaldehyde. 
Whether it is soy protein glue, MDI ecological plastic, resin adhesive really belongs to no formaldehyde adhesive, but it does not mean there is no formaldehyde in the finished product. Meanwhile, in order to allow consumers to recognize when buying green products, building materials, the National Green RC will authorize companies to sign the appropriate product labeled 3G to facilitate consumers to buy green sheet. 
So exactly "zero formaldehyde" cabinets, even if you saw, that is very tricky to say....